Luke Funk and Liam, Drawing Sunflowers, 2017

Luke Funk and Liam, Drawing Sunflowers, 2017

About the Artist

Luke Funk is originally from Oklahoma City. In 2015, he founded Luke Funk Work Shop, a visual arts studio based out of Piedmont, Oklahoma, with a focus on printmaking.

Inspired by comic books, punk rock, and heavy metal album covers and flyers, Luke explores themes of anonymity in his work with images of masked underwater divers, faceless sea creatures, and catacombs. Individual elements anonymously come together to form groups. Prints show trees emerge from the forest yet remain part of a larger whole. Other times, leaves cling to one another to form a larger mass demanding space.

Each print, card, or t-shirt from Luke Funk Work Shop is custom designed and hand pulled. Most images start off as large woodcut prints or one-of-a-kind monoprints and are later reproduced using the silkscreen method. Shop online or shop locally at Prairie Arts Collective in the Paseo (OKC).

Luke Funk lives near Piedmont, Oklahoma with his wife, two sons, and a dog named Arrow.